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About Reuse Masks

Every hour of designing that goes into each of our Reuse Masks products is for the single goal of keeping our family and friends safe and healthy.   

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What our groovy
Customers say

“Reuse masks are the most comfortable, breathable masks I’ve ever worn. There is also so much variety, so I can always find one to match my outfit. They keep you safe without making you uncomfortable, so you can go about your daily life without much inconvenience.”

Casey G. (Santa Monica, CA)

“Reuse masks are unique in their simple and cool design without sacrificing comfort. I love how the whole mask is made out of the same material, no elastic strings or cheap stitched on fabric. Finally the durability is no issue with these masks. I’ve had the same reuse mask for months now and the only reason i buy more is because of the wide selection of cool designs.”

Bryan M. (Brentwood, CA)

“I love reuse masks because they feel soft on your face, they’re breathable, and so easy to toss in the laundry! I’ve washed mine several times and the quality of the fabric has maintained really well. The plethora of colors makes them fun to rotate day by day as well.”

Kayla B (Marin County, CA)

“My reuse mask is seriously the softest, most breathable, and versatile mask I have ever owned. It sits SO comfortably over the ears and I honestly look forward to wearing it (which I never thought I’d say). The material is high quality and never pills even though I wash mine every other day, but it still hasn’t stopped me from having multiple because the prints are so cute and go with any outfit I wear whether I’m going to the grocery store or going out!”

Donya H. (Los Altos, CA)

“I bought my first Reuse mask back in April, and ended up buying them for my entire family. The adult size is perfect for me, and the children’s size is just right for my little sister! I love the prints and colors, and now have masks that add to my sense of style, not take away from it. I love Reuse because they use recycled fabrics, so I can stay healthy and be environmentally responsible as well. Thank you Reuse, I’ll be purchasing more soon!”

Claire J. (Los Angeles, CA)